Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Hi everyone , well today i wanted to share a very special gift my boyfriend got me <3. He actually gave this to me about 2 months ago but i havent been able to share them with ya!....

He got me 2 of the mac brush gift sets!! "A LADY AND HER TRICKS" set, and "SHE'S GOT IT ALL" set. There are 5 brushes in each set, but he got me two of them! They come in a gorgeous long strap sccotish tartan printed baggie!! He got me both the face and the eye brush sets which include the following: Bronzing/Blush brush (168SE), Stippling brush(187SE), Concealer brush(194SE), Eyebrow brush, Mascara brush (204SE), Blending brush (224SE), Eyeshadow brush (252SE), Angeled Eyeshadow brush (275SE), Pencil brush (219SE), and an Eyeliner brush (209SE). I absolutley love all these brushes!!

I also put up a picture of how i organize my brushes. I bought the container at walmart ($1) and the beads as well (big bag $5), and decorated it myself :). This is the best way to keep ur brushes organized and cleaner for a longer time, if you notice they do not touch one another! I used to keep them in a different container w/o the beads and i would end up with colored spotts on my foundation since the eyeshadow brushes would touch the foundation brushes!! :o so i decided i needed a different way to keep them seperate! Plus i think they look super cute :)

By the way i took these pics after using these brushes... sorry. ...hope you all dont mind :/ LOL

More will b coming up soon
                                                                            XOXO JUD....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a Little Tip :)

Greetings everyone! I just thought i'd drop by and give a little tip since i've had a couple people tell me how they cannot stand having foundation on theyre face! If you are one of those people, i recommend you buy a TINTED MOISTURIZER. This is a moisturizer with a hint of color, just enough to lightly cover the redness on your face (which does not look pretty! ) and even out your skin tone. Once your skin tone is evened out   the rest of your makeup ( eye makeup, blush and lipstick) will stand out way more. Two very good options of Tinted Moisturizers are by TART and the other by URBAN DECAY. Which you can find at any Sephora! ( they will help you match your tone ;) After applying your moisturizer you can lightly apply a powder of your choice just to seal the deal :) and baaam your ready to goooo GORGEOUS!! :)

                                                                                                           XOXOXOXO Jud.