Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Hi everyone , well today i wanted to share a very special gift my boyfriend got me <3. He actually gave this to me about 2 months ago but i havent been able to share them with ya!....

He got me 2 of the mac brush gift sets!! "A LADY AND HER TRICKS" set, and "SHE'S GOT IT ALL" set. There are 5 brushes in each set, but he got me two of them! They come in a gorgeous long strap sccotish tartan printed baggie!! He got me both the face and the eye brush sets which include the following: Bronzing/Blush brush (168SE), Stippling brush(187SE), Concealer brush(194SE), Eyebrow brush, Mascara brush (204SE), Blending brush (224SE), Eyeshadow brush (252SE), Angeled Eyeshadow brush (275SE), Pencil brush (219SE), and an Eyeliner brush (209SE). I absolutley love all these brushes!!

I also put up a picture of how i organize my brushes. I bought the container at walmart ($1) and the beads as well (big bag $5), and decorated it myself :). This is the best way to keep ur brushes organized and cleaner for a longer time, if you notice they do not touch one another! I used to keep them in a different container w/o the beads and i would end up with colored spotts on my foundation since the eyeshadow brushes would touch the foundation brushes!! :o so i decided i needed a different way to keep them seperate! Plus i think they look super cute :)

By the way i took these pics after using these brushes... sorry. ...hope you all dont mind :/ LOL

More will b coming up soon
                                                                            XOXO JUD....

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