Thursday, February 24, 2011

Natural Homemade Acne Treatment

Ok so like everyone i don't have perfect skin! I've tried this myself! it works great! 

I personally love Clean & Clear  Morning Burst Cleanser!( it can be your favorite cleanser)

Baking Soda Mask to Fight Acne
This is so easy to make and can work wonders if your skin likes it. (Remember, not every cause of acne is the same, so you need to try different remedies and masks until you find the ones that work for you.)
All you need are two ingredients. Baking Soda (NOT baking powder) and water.
Mix a little together in your hands after washing your face with a mild cleanser and apply gently to your skin. Once you've coated your face with the baking soda and water mix, let it sit while you do other things around the house, or relax and read a book.
Rinse the baking soda film off your face and feel how soft and clear it feels. If your skin enjoys this, and your acne improves, then you may try it several times a week to help clear your acne.

We also apologize for not blogging more often! working on getting more post's up soon!


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